Work Done In 100 Days

List of works done by Honorable Member of Parliament Sh. Vishnu Dayal Ram in hundred days.
  • Sanctioning of new railway line from Daltonganj to Gaya via Bhaya Rafiganj after meeting Honorable Railway Minister.
  • Starting the pending construction of NH-75 from Parwa to Gadhawa via Murismer after meeting the Secretary of Transport and Highways.
  • Raising the issue of declaring Palamu District as draught-hit under rule 377 and during the Zero Hour in Loksabha.
  • Informing Honorable Prime Minister about the situation of draught in Palamu and Gadhwa district.
  • Raising the question about re-opening of Japala Cement Factory under rule 377 in parliament.
  • Writing recommendation letter to send money in hospital from Prime Minister Relief fund for the treatment of 15 ailing persons.
  • Writing letter to Honorable Railway Minister to start Barwadih Chirimiri rail line.
  • Writing letter to Honorable Railway Minister to increase the round trips of BDR passenger Train.
  • Writing letter to Chief Secretary, Rural Works Department, Jharkhand concerning the construction of bridge over Banki and Koyal rivers in Vishrampur block of Palamu District.
  • Registration of 6 students in Central School.
  • Writing letter to the Commissioner of Palamu to open a new bank branch in Ramgarh block of Palamu district and Saridih of Chhatter block.
  • Writing letter to CJM, BSNL, Jharkhand to establish a BSNL tower at Saridih village of Chhatterpur block and at Ketar in Gadhwa district and getting sanction for it.
  • Discussion with C.M.D. Mr. Gopal Singh to start the closed Rajhara Kolayavari in Parawa block in Plamu District.
  • Writing letter to Honorable Health Minister to open Medical College in Palamu.
  • Writing letter to Honorable Rural Development Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari for the construction of 13 roads in Patan, Chhatterpur and Nawa blocks of Palamu districts under P.M.G.M.Y.
  • Writing letter to Honorable Rural Development Minister Mr. Gadkari to include 24 km Chhatterpur-Dumaria road under interstate road category.

Career Higlights

Bhagalpur under the grip of notorious criminal gangs

Specially appointed as S.P Bhagalpur by the Chief Minister of Bihar to control the sky rocketing Crime Graph of Bhagalpur totally in the grip of desperate and notorious criminal gangs involved in kidnappings and mutilating of bodies for non- payment of ransom.

Within a span of 6 months most of the active gang members were either killed in successful encounters or arrested and prosecuted. The relief brought upon was so huge that my transfer was violently opposed by the people of Bhagalpur on gigantic scale.

Complete lawlessness prevailed in Dhanbad which was run by the powerful Coal Mafias who spread a reign of terror against whom the evidences were hard to come by as no one dared to speak.

As S.P Dhanbad, he decided to control their illegal economic activities with the help and guidance of Central Board of Direct Taxes which resulted in shutting down of their illegal sources of income and recovering huge cash deposits stashed in the banks under fake identities. Gradually, as the Mafia kingpins were financially impacted, he succeeded in putting most of the Mafia leaders and associated notorious criminal behind bars under National Security Act and Crime Control Act.

Jharkhand under the grip of Naxal activities

As DGP Jharkhand he ensured the modernization of the Police Force by utilizing 98% of the Modernization Fund allocated by Govt. of India post which model Police Stations were constructed which resulted in successful thwarting of Naxal Attacks on Police Stations. 5 layers of Communication Networks were established and he ensured that Jharkhand Police was adequately armed with modern weapons. Training of Police Force with the Army was ensured for the first time. Special task force in the name of Jharkhand Jaguar and State Auxiliary Police (by recruiting retired Army Personnel) were created and used effectively in curbing the Naxal Activities. As a result of which lowest number of Police and Civilian casualties took place and the highest number of firearms from Naxals were recovered. Quite a few Naxal Polit Bureau Members, Central Committee Members, Special Area Committee Members along with Zonal/ Sub Zonal and Area Commanders were apprehended.

Foreign Trainings

Led the Indian Contingent for Federal Law Enforcement Training conducted by U.S. Department of State-Anti Terrorism Assistance

Nominated by Govt. of India in a 3 member team to attended 77th INTERPOL General Assembly Session at St. Petersburg, Russia from 07.10.2008.

Posts Held

A.S.P Dhanbad Under training - 31.12.1974 to 7.2.1976
A.S.P Jamui 16.12.1976 to 25.08.1976
A.S.P Godda 02.09.1976 to 22.06.1977
Commandant B.M.P VII Katihar 24.06.1977 to 25.08.1977
S.P Betia 02.09.1977 to march 1980
S.P Bhagalpur April 1980 to 03.12.1980
A.he.G of Police 14.02.1981 to 23.07.1981
S.P Muzaffarpur 24.07.1981 to 15.04.1983
S.P (B) Spl.Branch 29.04.1983 to 28.02.1984
S.P (S) Spl.Branch 28.02.1984 to 01.08.1985
S.P Dhanbad 02.08.1985 to 06.05.1987
Sr. S.P Patna 07.05.1987 to 23.12 1989
D.he.G Sahabaad Range 23.12.1989 to 19.03.1991
D.he.G (EOW) C.he.D 26.02.1991 to 27.12.1991
D.he.G Tirhut Range Muzaffarpur 28.12.1991 to 25.11.1993
D.he.G (Administration)Bihar 26.11.1993 to 07.12.1994
D.he.G (Head Quarter) Bihar 07.12.1994 to 31.05.1996
D.he.G (Crime) C.he.D Bihar 01.06.1996 to 04.10.1997
he.G.(Provision) Bihar 17.09.1996 to 04.10.1997
he.G. cum CSC, Northern Railways New Delhi 05.10.1997 to 04.10.2002
A.D.G Vigilance,Jharkhand,Ranchi 24.05.2003 to 30.06.2005
D.G.P. Jharkhand Ranchi 01.07.2005 to Oct.2006
Chairman,Police Housing Corporation and D.G Reforms Oct.2006 first week of August 2007
D.G.P. Jharkhand August 2007 to 13th Jan 2010
D.G.P. Home Guard 14th Jan 2010 to 31.07.2011