Sampark Palamu

Saansad Se Samvaad

Sampark Palamu-Saansad Se Samvaad launched on 21st February, 2015 at Daltonganj district, Palamu, in all its manifestation is a step towards connecting with people of Palamu constituency, informing them of various government schemes and programs and seeking their ideas/suggestions on development initiatives required in their areas. Sampark Palamu also provides a platform for people of Palamu to mention their concerns/problems which will be communicated to concerned government departments for necessary action.

The vision of project Sampark Palamu is to endorse the approachability of the people’s representative in the area. This initiative takes its inspiration from the central government’s approach towards making technology a powerful tool within the country to reach all. The broad idea is also to make the people aware that their leader is for and with them in the path of development through interface and thereby Sampark Palamu-Saansad Se Samvad will open link to a two-way communication with the aid of available modern technology.

Sampark Palamu is state-of-the-art dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which is front-ended by a PRI number which is able to take 30 calls at a time. The system has the capability to deliver seamlessly simultaneous calls from the Palamu constituency with an option of failover routing which will automatically deliver 24x7 back-up.

This will provide the callers with the option to:

  • Listen to various government schemes laid down by the state and central government.
  • Enable them to leave a message for any suggestion they have to offer or any concern/problem they want to get addressed.

At the back end, robust data-mining software ensures that the information and statistics reminiscent of:

  • number of calls
  • districts that contribute to the call flow
  • type of options being selected by the callers
  • nature of suggestions/concerns
  • department-wise split

The information collected on the above indicators will allow not just to plan for the future course of action leading to maintenance and enhancement of the platform but also carve out a directional path for the development of communities in Palamu constituency. This information compounded with data analysis will then be presented to various government offices to act upon and eventually arrive at a closure that is informed to the respective callers.


Some of the salient features of the set up are as under:

  • It has a dynamic IVR platform and hence addition and deletion of IVR legs horizontally and vertically, will be possible
  • Recording and retrieval of each message left by the caller will be stored in a library format to listen to them and for the purpose of data analysis
  • A detailed MIS format that captures every call will be created with unique reference number for each caller
  • If required, the platform can also be used as an outbound dialler
  • It is a 24x7 platform with necessary infrastructural and data back up and security, hence accessible at any time to the callers
  • It is a scalable platform which can also be used for enabling a contact centre
  • The dynamic IVR system can be utilized for call or SMS blast to disseminate information
The Number is: 06516606666